Monday, November 30, 2009

Heavy DL, heavy metcon= HAPPY

My favorite kind of gym day.
I was actually getting excited about this workout yesterday..

Deadlifts 4x2@95-100%1RM

Ohhhh jesus. I haven't maxed out on DL since the end of CFSB 2-3 months ago. At that point my 1RM was 210.  So, it looked like this

170, 180, 190, 200

The 200 felt hard, but manageable.

Next was a metcon of 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Front squats
Knees to elbows
Power cleans
I used 85# for both.

A little background max FS is 125ish. My max PC is 90. So...I was planning on setting up 2 bars. I had planned on using 95-100 for the FS and 75 for the cleans.

Nooooo...that idea was shot down. Hmph. Somebody suggested using 85# for both?! I thought this sounded a weee bit crazy. Being that my max pc is 90 and now I'm going to do 15 reps at 85...

Of course I had to try it.
The time on this matters not. I'm just stunned I actually did it. I failed at one of the cleans but I rested a sec. and got the rest.

This also shows me that I must have a real mental issue or form problem with cleans. If I can do 15(albeit broken up) at 85, surely I can do more than 90 for 1??!!


  1. Thanks. I GUESS you do know what your doing, eh?

  2. LOL!!! The banter ha.. You did a killer job PEA!!!!

  3. Hahaha, always the 'banter'. Thanks, Pea!!! I should know better than to announce my wo plans to Jay. LOL. That being said, I am glad I used the heavier weight :)