Friday, April 30, 2010


I really wasn't sure how I'd do on these. My legs are always so tired after work...

Back squats

I know I had at least one more in me but I decided not totally kill myself.

I'm very happy with this!

Overhead squats

Good mornings

Wow, I've never done good mornings with 100lbs...

A really, really good day! And today is a well earned rest day.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Power cleans and box jumps

Just a metcon today.
I tweaked the one I had planned, which was PC's and burpees because my chest and shoulders are DEAD!!

So, it was
5 rounds
5-85lb power cleans
10-20" box jumps


The only thing somewhat similar I have to compare this to is the
5 rnds
5-75lb PC's
7 burpees

That time was 7:45

I'm happy, I added 10lbs and did the bj's. 2 minutes longer but who cares?

SQUATS tomorrow...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bench press and stuff

Ok, I rested yesterday because I still felt really sore. The heavy deads, farmers walks, GHD sit ups and pull ups wore my ass out. Hmmm, go figure...

So, I'm trying to do things a bit differently now. No metcons on lifting days. I was driving myself into the ground. My job is not crazy hard but I am on my feet all goddamn day. I feel like I am in a constant state of exhaustion. And I was starting to lose strength at the gym.

I feel like I'm at a turning point with my training.  I already feel like my conditioning is shit. I know it is. And as much as I'd rather lift all day long and say "fuck the metcons", I can't. Who cares if I can squat 200lbs if I'm winded climbing a flight of stairs? I have to find a happy medium....

So, today...bench
82xmax. Got 9

Who knew my form was horrible? I just switched to bench from floor press. I haven't really benched in a few years and I'm sure my form sucked then, too.

Still, it's better than last week and that's good enough for me. Improvements, no matter how small are STILL improvements...

3xmax push ups
29, 8, 7
3xmax dips with the red band
8, 8, 5

120 singles with the jump rope

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Another shitty performance. Yea, yeah, I know all about ONE bad day at the gym. No big deal, move on....But, I'm seeing a pattern here with myself. I need to figure out why. I AM eating enough. Sure, I have lower cal days but I make up for it, believe me.

Conditioning too much? NO. I only do short metcons. In the last month I have done 1 metcon over 12 minutes.

I am easily the least conditioned person at my gym. I wouldn't mind much if I was insanely strong but I'm not.

So, I'm mediocre strong and my conditioning is shit. Fantastic.

Ok, I'm done bitching..



3 sets of max pull ups

Farmers walks with the 70lb KB's
4 passes across the gym/15 GHD situps

4 rounds. Not for time.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Press and jerks and stuff

The gym was mid demolition so this was a little awkward

Push press

Finally, a decent press day.

7 rounds
4 push jerk-75lbs
6 pull ups-blue band
10 box jumps-20"


I felt like I did good with this even though I checked my notebook and see last time I did it in 8:26??!!!

Wow. It's ok. I know last time I used 2 45lb plates for bj's, used 70lb for the jerks and used a heavier pull up band.

It's cool.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Back squats, front squats

I need to re-arrange my training schedule so I do squats on the weekend or my short work day.

 I just had no energy after being on my feet all day yesterday. I'm still pleased with my performance.

Back squats

Front squats

Good mornings

That was it. I was too tired. Skipped the metcon and went home.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bench and metcon at Crown Point

So, I've switched to bench press from floor press after 2 cycles. I'm just using the weight from my floor press.

The bench seems a little bit harder to me.
80xmax. Got 10

Then, I did a metcon.

185lb Deadlifts
80lb Thrusters

I don't even know the time.

I do know by the time I got to the '2' set I tried to pull the 185 twice and failed so I had to pull off two 25lb plates to finish.

That was a tough workout.


I was way too tired to do this today. But, I didn't want to take another rest day.

So, I did it with 65lbs, which is the same weight I used last time. However, last time I did jumping ring dips. This time I used the lightest(red)band. Way harder.


The cleans were very easy, it was the fucking dips

Sunday, April 18, 2010


185xmax. Got 12

I don't get it. I should have done better.

Eat more, eat more, eat more. Really? I don't know. I've been pissed about this all day. Maybe I don't want to eat more. I need to decide what I really want to do. My max sets lately have been shitty.

Farmers walks with 2 70lb KB's
4 passes across the gym

Shit load of pull ups

I did try the rope today and climbed it, no problem. Twice.

Amazing how a great PR can give you a high all day and a shitty performance can fuck with your head.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Front squats and sprints

3 rounds
5 Front squats-90lbs. Last set was 95lbs
100M sprint

1:30 rest between
Time after subtracting rests was 4:30
Well, this was fun, minus the running.

I could have gone heavier on the FS. That's why I added 5lbs for the last set.

Then I worked on my snatch. Which is a complete disaster.

Tomorrow....Deadlift :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cycle 3, PP, ring dips and a metcon.

So happy to be back at it.

Not happy with my press tonight, though. Arrrgg, this lift always gives me trouble.
85xmax. Got 6.

That's a POS. However, someone pointed out that I wasn't fully locking out at the finish, and I have a nasty habit of looking up. Maybe working on that will help. Otherwise I'm turning to the juice ;)

Then max ring dips with red band
Then 12 min AMRAP
5 push ups
7 KBS(45lb)
9 box jumps-20"

6 rounds+push ups and KBS

Well, the 45 is starting to feel pretty good.

Last day of deload....

Well, we finally got a bench. So, I switched to bench press instead of floor press.
Bench press

Back squat


1K row: 4:21
250M: 56 sec
250M: 59 sec

I had planned on doing a 2K but my abs were killing me from the previous days 90 GHD sit ups. Hence the slow time.

On to cycle 3....

Monday, April 12, 2010


10 min AMRAP
10 push ups
15 GHD sit ups
20 squats

5 rnds+push ups, GHD's and 6 squats

Then 3xmax rep pull ups with red band

That's it. Gay.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

DL and Box jumps

12, 9, 6, 3

175lb Dead lifts
20" Box jumps


This was fun. And pretty hard at the end.

Rowing Grace, good mornings and sand bag sprints

3 rounds
10 C&J(80lbs)
250M row


Last time I did regular Grace it was with 70lbs so I'm cool with this.

Good mornings 3x8(85,85,90lbs)

7 50M-ish sprints with 20lb sand bag

First time using the sand bag. Kinda awkward at first, but fun :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Deload again

Deload starts again..

Push press

Then a metcon
5 rounds
200M row
7 KBS-45#
7 ring dips-red band


Then KB shoulder press. Bumped up to the 25# this time
R arm 7,7,6
L arm 6,6,5

Then some hand stand holds and I managed a few swings with the 53#KB. Last time I tried I couldn't swing it at all.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

HORRIBLE squat day

This is one of those days where I did so damn bad I don't even want to write about it...

Back squats

110x5 (these felt heavy, not a good sign)
140xmax. I got 6. SIX??? Yes, 6

What the fuck?? Last week I did 130x17. I don't even know what happened today....

So then I did tabata front squats with 70lbs. Lowest set was 6.

And still feeling disgusted with myself I decided to jump in with the class for their workout.

I missed the first 1k row but did the rest which was
25 KBS-35#
25 push ups
25 abmat sit ups
25 squats
25 KBS
500M row
 I have no idea what the time was. I don't care.

Floor press, metcon, BOX JUMPS

As much as I love floor press, it sucks having to rely on someone to help you. Grrrrr....

70x5 (this was supposed to be 65. I screwed up)
83xmax. Got 11.

I'll take that.

Then AMRAP in 12
5 push ups
10 knees to elbows
15 box jumps-20"

4 rnds plus push ups and k2e

A. Knees to elbows are stupid
B. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

No, really. These took forever. The push ups were too easy and the jumps went really well!

So, I was feeling all confident on the 20" box. I decided to try the 24" after I finished the metcon. Initially I held on to a pull up band to make sure I could do it. Then I did 25 in a row. Wooot! This is a major improvement over the 45# plate that I was using last summer :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Deadlift, pull ups and farmer walks

I was actually nervous about this, haha. My 1RM before I started 5/3/1 was 215....

195xmax. Got 10.

Totally content with 10!

Then 3 sets of max pull ups with the blue band. Shit, I forgot to record my numbers on this.

Then I did some farmers walks with a 70lb KB in each hand.
2 passes across the gym
4 passes
2 passes

Oh man. After the DL these got pretty tough.

Metcon, nothing special

5 rounds
100M sprint
10 box jumps, 20"
5 KBS 45#


Slow due to the BJ's but I'm ok with that.