Wednesday, November 25, 2009

No more slacking!!!

I've been a total slacker the last few days. Somehow life interfered with my workouts. Well, I won't let that happen again. Back to the grind tonight.

Back squats 3x5@85%1RM across the board, with a minute of rest in between sets.
I used 125 for these. They went well. Felt a little heavier than I would have liked...

Then 7 rounds of
4 push jerks@75#
6 pull ups
10 box jumps
Time: 7:58

I'm happy with this. I'll go heavier on the PJ next time

Tomorrows workout will suck. And then some.....
50, 40, 30, 20, 10
BJ and KBS

Kill me now


  1. nice work!!! you kicked the shit out of that

  2. Did Jay come up with that box jump/ swing WOD?

    If so, punch him the next time you see him.

  3. Thanks, Jay. Russ, I'm pretty sure Jay got it from somewhere else, I forgot where.....but I'll punch him anyway, I'm sure he deserves it.