Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Doing things you've never done before is a good way to keep your ego in check


Last nights workout was brutal.

I pretty much sucked

First, was high pulls 4x2 @ 95%1RM of power cleans

Ugh, I forgot I was supposed to just drop the bar from the top. I've never done these before. The 80# was harder than I thought.

Then...18, 12, 6
Renegade rows with 10#KB's

Time 7:37

Oh holy hell, where to begin....
I suck at push ups
regular push ups...
these are push ups on steroids. AND the 10#KB are so tiny that you have to balance on the weeee little handles. My triceps were on fire and so were my wrists. The only easy part was the row. 10# was way too light. I'll definitely go heavier next time and that will also give me a larger KB :)

Now, my redemption...the OHS
Hello? This summer I was using a 30# bar for OHS??? The most  reps I've ever done of 65# OHS in a metcon is 7 at a time. I am patting myself on the back in case you didn't notice.

After all that I did 2 sets of 20 good mornings with an empty bar. My posterior chain is decidedly underused. I am waaaay quad dominant. In fact, my quads grew an inch while I typed this.


  1. You did them and got through it.. That is what counts....

  2. nice work, and your hamstrings hate you

  3. Ha, right Nikki! And Jay, actually my hamstrings hate YOU!!!!

  4. The longer I do CrossFit, the more I realize the wisdom of your comment about doing new things. It really is one of the key components to CrossFit.

    And the great thing is that with more exposure to high pulls and pushups, and they'll no longer be weak points for you.

    I tried a ring handstand for the first time in years last month. It was so strange I nearly screamed. After a month of practice I can now hold it comfortably for 30 seconds with little effort.

    Nice blog.

  5. Thanks, Russ. A ring handstand?? Wow, I can't even imagine that. Add that to my gigantic list of things I need to try, work on, perfect, not suck at, etc....