Wednesday, December 2, 2009

PP, sprints, BW metcon, good mornings...I think that's it.

Well, I took an unscheduled rest day yesterday. My back was killing me from the combo of heavy DL+being on my feet all day.

So, back at it today.
Push press 3x5@85%1RM

65, 70, 75

Piece of cake

Then I did 5 rounds of 100M sprints with 30 sec rest between.

Yes, I ran. I hate the way my right foot feels when I sprint. It won't fucking go as fast as I want it to.

It is a horrible feeling. Whatever.

Next, I did 3 rounds of max pull ups(green band), push ups and 20 box jumps. 2 min rest between. I added another plate to my BJ. I am getting better. Slowly.

My numbers for the pull ups were 13, 12, 9
Push ups 20, 12, 11

Last, I did some good mornings. 3x15@55#

Whew. Long day at the gym. Felt good.


  1. very good stuff today... a lot of work today

  2. Yes. Thank you. I'm exhausted.

  3. Wow, that's a lot of work. Good work on the pull-ups.

  4. Thanks, Mitch. It was a lot of work. It's not always like that!