Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My snatch is awesome

I couldn't help it. Too easy, actually...

So yesterday was Snatches 3,3,2,2,

I used 30#,30,45,50

I'm actually really pleased with this. I've only just started doing snatches and I've never even put weight on the bar before. That damn lift was just too hyped up before I ever tried it. I've been hearing how hard and technical it is for so long I got it in my mind it that I would have trouble with it. Sheesh, it's not that hard. I'll definitely do more weight next time.

Next a metcon
A ladder of 10,9,8,7...1 and 1,2,3,4....10 of
Cleans and burpees

I used 70# for the cleans.

Another awesome milestone. I've used 70 before in a metcon but only if I was doing a few. That adds up to 55 reps. WOOOOT!! Only a few months ago I could not clean more than the bar!
Wow, this makes me happy.

I left the gym in such a good mood. I swear, a good gym day is like a high. Nothing really compares to the feeling you get when you feel like you totally kicked ass.