Friday, November 13, 2009

Squats and burpees

So, this was day 4 on... supposed to be a rest day. But, I had to change things around because of plans. Back squats and a BW metcon.

BS 6x3 with the last set being 95% 1 RM
115, 120, 125, 130, 140, 150

The last one of the 150 I failed and had to dump the weight. Uggggg, I'm not real pleased with this. I fucking knew it, too. The 140 was feeling heavy....

Anyway, after that was a BW metcon. Why I decided to do 100 burpees, who knows? I have only done this one other time, months ago. Fortunately, there was a nice young visiting CFer there who volunteered to do them with me. What a guy! It's that whole camaraderie thing..
The first 25 flew by, I was just thinking it wouldn't be so bad. HA! Then I quickly started hating my life. And that nice young man yelled, "time" when I was on number 60! Add to that this was his first time doing 100 burpees, sheeesh. Anyway, he coached me through the last 40. I was down to about 5 at a time and the sweat was dripping down my face, stinging my eyes.

My time was 11:48.

That is no amazing time BUT it's fucking amazing to me in that it's 6 minutes faster than when I did it last time!
And I am 5-7 lbs heavier now, stronger and have improved my conditioning with shorter, heavier metcons!!!!!!
Ashman Hybrid rules!!!!