Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cleans and Tabata

It's a good thing cleans are on the same day as Tabata something else....

Cleans are one of my favorites.

Tabata SE is not

Power cleans 3,3,2,2,
I went heavier than I was supposed to on these. The last one is supposed to be 85-90% 1 RM. I'm not even sure what my 1RM is. I've never pulled more than 85#.

I used 55, 65, 70, 80, 85. The first few felt so ridiculously light, that's why I went heavier.

Then Tabata something else

My lowest numbers were
Pull ups 3
Pushups 6
Situps 13
Squats 17

Well, if that doesn't highlight my weaknesses and strengths, I don't know what does.
Anyone want to have a squat contest, I'm in...

On a side note, this came after my cheat day. I didn't notice any significant strength improvements....I will say though, my cheat day is hardly a cheat. But, it is way more carbs than I eat all week. I stay under 25g or less usually. On my cheat day I ended the day with 265g of carbs. Done completely without grains, I might add.


  1. tabatas are boring but they pay off. :) 265g of carbs is good, wow... and grain-free? I think you need to make a blog about how you do that so that others can see you can carb load without resorting to grains and shit food.

  2. Yeah Jay, I purposely tracked it on fitday so I could see where I was, carb wise. Maybe, I'll do a separate blog post on that....and I know you're right about the Tabatas. At the very least it highlights how bad I suck at pull ups and apparently push ups, as well :)