Monday, August 31, 2009

Lots o squats

Fortunately, I woke up feeling much better today. Rested, not sore and verging on chipper....

Today was FS 5X3
I did these at 105, 110, 110, 115 and the last 3@120, 125 and....130! Yes!!! Last week I failed at 125. This made me a very happy girl...

Onto BS 1X15
I did these with 120. Last week I used 115. Another happy moment

This is getting a little sickeningly sweet for my tastes...

So, for some good ol' CF torture I planned a metcon that would further toast my already rubber quads.....No, I don't always do this. But, sometimes I think it's a good idea to do something that sounds like a really bad idea....

Metcon: 21, 15, 9
OHS with just the bar
Time: 7:54

Interesting discovery here
A. I must be getting better at OHS, I think I could have put a little weight on the bar for this.
B. The burpees were the killer in this wo. I KNOW burpees suck but I thought after all the FS and BS that the OHS would be the thing to kill me....

All in all a very nice CF day.

Yesterday's food:
Bacon 5 slices (wow, I eat a shitload of bacon)
Beef stew meat 4 oz
Eggs 5
Pork rinds 2 oz
Pecans 28 g
Spinach 3 oz
Apple 8.7
Broccoli 14 oz
Grapes 4 oz
Applesauce(unsweetened) 1/8 C
Totals: Cals 1,836 Fat 112g, Protein 125g, Carbs 95g (54/27/19)

Jay....note the protein??

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The long metcon that wasn't.

I am following CFSB and today should have been my long metcon day. However, I woke up still sore from Fridays DL and row. WTF??

I also did not get enough sleep, woke up late, had to take my 5 yr old with me....blah, blah, blah.

I could have just stayed home and rested but I really wanted to practice my snatch form. After watching a zillion videos yesterday I was pretty stoked to give it a try. At least with the PVC.

So....I got my tired ass outta the house, dragging a 5 yr old (and a bag of Transformers) with me.

I shortened the metcon I was going to do, so as not to kill my already sore back.

50 Squats
40 sit ups
30 (25#) KBS
20 burpees
10 push ups
Time 7:19

I was definitely dragging and my time reflects that. But...I did play around with the snatch, which was the fun part. I used the PVC for a while until I felt pretty good. Then I grabbed an 18# bar and did several with it. I am quite happy with my performance. Looking forward to trying it with some real weight.

Yesterdays' food
Chicken 6.8 oz
Bacon 4 slices
Apple 12 oz
Coconut oil 2.5 Tbl
Peas 180 g
Carrots 85 g
Steak 4 oz
Spinach 3 oz
Pecans 14 g
Eggs 2
Fish oil 10 Caps
Totals Cals 1,817 Fat 122g Protein 96.2g Carbs 91 (59/21/19)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rest day

I love that my rest day comes after DL. I always need it.

Today is no exception. My lower back is tight, as are my quads. Even my glutes are sore today.

I had contemplated going over to the box to work on snatches, with a PVC. I've never done a snatch(I know, it IS embarrassing) but it's probably not a good idea, today. I really need my rest. This is an issue for me.

I hate resting

I hate resting

Yes, that was intentional. I know lots, if not most, CFers have the same issue. And I am really, really good at telling other people to rest. Why it's beneficial, how it will help them get stronger mentally and physically....I need to take my own advice.

I've been logging my food onto Fitday recently. I love doing this. Seeing how it all stacks up. Tweaking my nutrition, playing with my macros, watching how it affects my WOD's, my mood, etc. I'll be posting my totals here and for anyone interested, I'll post what I ate as well. That way, when the one millionth person asks me,"what do you eat?"....I can direct them here....

Because, for some reason, Meat, veggies, nuts, seeds, little fruit, no sugar is VERY complicated. Just god damned confusing, huh?

So, here is yesterday. Keeping in mind it was a rather low Cal day for me...

Grapes 4oz
Turkey 2 oz
Bacon 4 slices
Turkey drumstick 3.5 oz
Broccoli 10 oz
Chicken wings, baked 6 wings
Pecans 28g
Apple 1/2
Coconut oil 1 TBL

Totals : Calories 1,610
Fat 90.6 g
Carbs 61.1 g
Protein 144.6 g

Which looks like 50/36/14

Not my best day but definitely not my worst. For those of you that are thinking this is too low. I know, but you shoulda seen the day before....I ate everything not permanently affixed :)

Friday, August 28, 2009


Hmmmm. I am going to give this blogging a try. I figure I already blog my life on Facebook at least this way I'll have something to look back at, a record of my shit.

I'll be posting about CrossFit, nutrition, hmmmmm, that's really all I talk about. Whatever other random things that come to mind.

A lot of changes are in the wind for me in the coming year. Graduate from school. Move to NY. Open a CF box with my 2 besties :).....and continue my pursuit of becoming one insanely kick ass fit woman!

My WOD for today is:

DL 3X3
then DL 15, 12, 9

Metcon: I'm thinkin' a 2K row. I did it on 8/6 with a gross time of 10:17. It was my first 2k row and I didn't have a clue what a good time would be. In hindsight I should have asked first, I hadn't a clue what a good pace would be.

Well, my 3X3 was 175, 185, 195
I did the 15, 12, 9 at 135

Not too bad considering my max DL is 200#

Ahhh, the row....really sucked. Doing a 2K row after DL is gay. Add to that the fact that I ripped open one of my callouses on the
All of this adds up to a big ball of CF fun...take the miserable and make it worse ;)

Oh, my time......9:36

Nothing close to 'elite fitness' but better than last time. I'll take it.