Friday, October 30, 2009

Who thought this shit up???

This horrendous workout suggested by Jay Ashman. Ohhhh, it was rough.

AMRAP in 15 mins.
5 85# Front squats
15 35# KBS

I got 6 rounds and some change.

Those FS get heavy fast!

I was definitely left rolling on the ground after this one.

I did it yesterday and man, am I sore, today. No muscle escaped this workout....

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

No witty title

BS 3X5
115, 120, 125

5 rounds
10 burpees
9 K2E
7 squats
6 push ups
5 pull ups

Time 15:45

Damn, that took a while.
The K2E slowed me way down.
I need to do those more.
The rest I'm happy with.

Except, one tiny thing.....
If you bring a buddy to CF and he isn't working out, just 'observing' can you please tell him to back the hell away from me. There is nothing like having some strange guy stand 6 INCHES from you for your entire workout. Seriously.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day 5 DL and thrusters

Ohhhhh, shit...

This was a really hard workout. Proof to the naysayers that you can kill yourself in under 6 minutes....

I was supposed to do a DL based metcon. Originally, I had planned on DL and BJ's. Apparently, that's not the best idea, or so it was kindly suggested to me...

So, because Max from CrossFit Eastbay suggested this little gem to Jay Ashman, I thought I'd give it a try.

12, 9, 6
DL 145#
Thrusters 65#

Time 5:48

I'll gladly mention again, as I did on FB, that I had my first bloody shin from this. I looked down and saw blood dripping down my leg. This brought me a little joy.

I'm sick and need help

Today is a cheat day. My first in...forever. It's also a rest day...AND the sun is out!!??!

Sometimes life is awesome.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cleans, Tabatas and more meat

Today on the Ashman hybrid menu....

Power cleans 3,3,3,2,2,

Did these at 55,60,65,75,85*

*PR(which also means I'm FUCKING ELITE)

Then Tabata something else

I have no clue what my score was. Too much shit to keep track of. Timing myself, marking off rounds, checking myself out in the mirror....KIDDING! sheesh

I am pretty happy with the 2 at 85#. My old 1RM was 85, after I finished CFSB it was only 75#?!?! I tried for 95 and failed twice. ARRGGHH

I'm still doing the anabolic thing. It's all meat all the time at this house, kiddos. And fat. Annnd...I ate cheese today. Oh christ, so good. Of course I ate some veg, too. But keeping your carbs under 25g a day does not leave a lot of room for veggies.

Tomorrow....DL based metcon. The fun never ends around here....

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 2

Day 2

Yesterday was a metcon only day.

3 rounds

10 power cleans(65#)
10 Wall balls
200 M row


This was a good one. Although, I forgot I had decided to change it to 4 rounds to make it a longer workout. The row really sucks the life out of you if you go all out. When I finished I basically just fell off the rower and rolled around on the ground. Always a good sign :)

On a side note. My old 1RM for cleans was 85#. After I finished CFSB, and hadn't done them much, it was 75#. Not good. But, yesterday I had no trouble at all getting 10 in a row at max MUST be more than 75. Today is a rest day but I think I'll stop by the box and find my 1RM so I know what it is for Friday.

The anabolic diet continues. I feel pretty good so far. I'd like to lose 5 lbs. I am not happy with my weight right now. I know I have put on some muscle but some of it is definitely fat. It's a struggle for me to decide what I want....super lean and not as strong or stronger but not quite as lean. If I lose 5 lbs I'll probably be somewhere in between. I can live with that.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ashman hybrid day 1

I suck at blogging

Really, I don't know why anyone would follow this.

Now that that's established, let's get down to business.

I've started a program developed by Jay Ashman. I had been doing a basic MEBB program but wasn't too thrilled with it. I felt there was entirely too much time between lifts. I definitely lost some of the strength I had gained while doing CFSB.

I've also decided to give the Anabolic diet a try. Meat, meat, meat, meat.

Yesterday was day 1. Back squats 6X3 and a heavy metcon.

The squats I did at 110, 115, 120, 125, 130 and 135.

Metcon was 3 rounds of
5 (70#) thrusters
10 pull ups
15 burpees


70# is heavy for me on the thrusters. The last one I almost lost behind my head. I am, however, getting much better at burpees. They were all unbroken until the last round at #10 I rested for a few.