Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tabata something else

This was supposed to be power cleans followed by Tabata SE. But, I did the cleans yesterday and said F the metcon.

It's interesting that cleans are one of my favorite lifts yet one that I am still really weak in.
 It was 3,2,2,2,1@90-95% 1RM. My max is 85#
55, 60, 65, 75, 80.

After that I figured I'd try for 90.

I got it.

100 is sooooo close....

Then, today was Tabata SE.
 I've said before that this is not my favorite workout. Not because it's so hard but because it's so damn boring. But, it is effective..
my lowest numbers were:
Pull ups 4
Push ups 4*
Sit ups 12
Squats 20 (WOOT!! Beats last time by 3)

*After checking my notebook, I noticed every other time I did this I had to drop to my knees for the push ups. So, even though that is an embarrassingly low number, at least they were all strict.

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