Tuesday, April 6, 2010

HORRIBLE squat day

This is one of those days where I did so damn bad I don't even want to write about it...

Back squats

110x5 (these felt heavy, not a good sign)
140xmax. I got 6. SIX??? Yes, 6

What the fuck?? Last week I did 130x17. I don't even know what happened today....

So then I did tabata front squats with 70lbs. Lowest set was 6.

And still feeling disgusted with myself I decided to jump in with the class for their workout.

I missed the first 1k row but did the rest which was
25 KBS-35#
25 push ups
25 abmat sit ups
25 squats
25 KBS
500M row
 I have no idea what the time was. I don't care.

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