Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Floor press, metcon, BOX JUMPS

As much as I love floor press, it sucks having to rely on someone to help you. Grrrrr....

70x5 (this was supposed to be 65. I screwed up)
83xmax. Got 11.

I'll take that.

Then AMRAP in 12
5 push ups
10 knees to elbows
15 box jumps-20"

4 rnds plus push ups and k2e

A. Knees to elbows are stupid
B. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

No, really. These took forever. The push ups were too easy and the jumps went really well!

So, I was feeling all confident on the 20" box. I decided to try the 24" after I finished the metcon. Initially I held on to a pull up band to make sure I could do it. Then I did 25 in a row. Wooot! This is a major improvement over the 45# plate that I was using last summer :)

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