Thursday, March 4, 2010

Row, metcon, GHD's

So, I was curious to see what my 500M row time was. I row a lot but had no clue what my time was. 1:50. Damn, I thought it would be better.

Sometimes I really wish I would excel at SOMETHING. I work, work, work, and I feel like I'm still just mediocre at everything.

Fuck. Today was just a rough day in general.

Then(and rowing before this metcon wasn't a great idea)
5 rounds
25 squats
10 push ups
rest 2 mins
5 rnds
10 jumping squats
10 pull ups BLUE band, hell yes!!!!!!

Holy shit, my quads.

I am glad I used the blue band. That's a first for a metcon

Then I did GH sit ups. 15x5


  1. I don't know what you're talking about with no excelling at anything. You're elite in all areas of the game!

  2. Ha, thanks but not even close!