Thursday, March 18, 2010

5/3/1/ cycle 2

So glad to be back to heavier weights!

That being said, I'm not real happy with my push press progression(say that 3 times, fast)

80xmax. I got 8. Meh

10 min AMRAP
5 dips(RED band, yay)
10 KBS 35lb
15 BJ (4 45's)
 5 rounds+dips

I am getting better at dips and BJ's.

Then 2 min max GH sit ups. 50

Then 20lb KB shoulder presses(these improved a lot)

15, 11, 7 (last time was 10, 8, 7)

I don't know why I've improved on these and not so much on the push press. Hmmmm

Ah, now off to work with a horrendous sinus headache

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