Thursday, March 25, 2010

PP, good mornings, metcon, row....

Today was just a really good day. Good work day, good hair cut, good workout.

Push press
85xmax. I got 9

An improvement, small but still...

Then a metcon

12 min AMRAP
5(20lb) KB shoulder press
10 box jumps 20" FIRST TIME using a legit box in a metcon since my surgery!!!!
15 abmat sit ups

6 rnds plus sp and bj

I was slow due to the bj's but I'm so super excited I did it. After my surgery I had to do bj's on ONE 45lb plate! WOOOOT!!
Also, it was supposed to be KB push press but 20lbs was too light so I did shoulder press to make it more difficult.

Good mornings
3x8 at 75, 75 and 80lbs

Then a 500M row which was way slow-2 min

Last, 3 sets max ring dips with red band

14, 12, 7

That's all.