Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Squats, squats, squats...

Anything wrong in my life was surely fixed by doing all these squats.

Back squats 3x5@90%1RM

125, 130, 135

135 is NOT 90% ...my 1RM is 160
But...the last few times I have squatted I have not felt very strong and I don't think I was getting low enough. I know this is because I wasn't having someone spot me. After my epic fail a few months ago I have a weird mental block about heavy squats.

So...on the last set I asked for a spotter. What a HUGE difference!! He didn't actually have to help me at all. Just knowing he was there made a huge difference for me. I felt better and got low enough.

From now on I'm using a spotter, I swear...

Then a BW metcon
It was going to be 10 rounds
5 pull ups (blue band)
20 squats.


Normally I use the green band but I thought it was time to move on to the blue band. Well...not for this metcon. I started with the blue, but had to switch to the green on the second round.

It ended up being 10 rounds
7 pull ups (green band)
20 squats
Time 11:08

And today is front squats....oh boyyyy....


  1. What's up with using a rubber band for pull ups, Amy? I know this is a little late for conversation in your blog, but I was just perusing your blog. Seems to me u should have a strong Kip and could train without bands? I've found that u just have to jump off that cliff... And deal with slow times in WODs for awhile. Not sure how thick the rb are that ur using, but it could be time to take off the training wheels. Just a thought... Andy

  2. Shit Andy, I'd love to ditch the bands. I am sadly without a single pull up. So...if I don't use the bands there will be no pull ups happening at all. I'm not sure why...I could do a few before I had my surgery(I blogged about that if you're interested)I seem to have lost that strength and have yet to regain it. Believe me, I hate it.