Sunday, May 30, 2010

press, pull and bench

Couple of days thrown in here
I push pressed in the garage at home the night before I left for NY.

This was awesome. Last week was 80x9

Then, some 1 arm shoulder presses with a 25# plate. Well, that's awkward.
Shoulder press 10 reps with 50lbs
Handstands. I discovered I can use the squat rack for this!

5/28 NY

I just do not lift as well when I'm on vacation
205xmax. Got 7

Bench press
85xmax. Got 3. WOW. The worst set ever. In terms of a low number of reps.

Then, to make my shitty day even better I went outside and attempted the 110lb atlas stone.

Can't lift it. At all. Not even off the ground.

I will say, for not lifting it I sure was sore the next day.

I really need to go do SOMETHING at the gym I am good at. Anything.

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