Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bench and squat

Note to self, don't do two lifts in 1 day.
86xmax. Got 5

147xmax. Got 5

Sucked. Eh, whatever.

Good mornings
85x8, 95x8, 100x8
These are going well, at least.

65x8, 75x4

4 rounds
15 push ups
15 box jumps

Not timed


  1. How did you feel with the two lifts? Maybe an idea to give yourself alot more rest when your doing strength work. Ideally you really need to wait until your at full recovery between sets. Dont clock watch - it takes as long as it takes...

    I dunno FOUR lifts then a metcon - seems like alot of work in one session. Something like that might be idea to do you metcon on the morning/evening keep it seperate from the strength (ie do a bodyweight at home). But obviously im guessing it might be tricky being busy etc.

  2. Thanks, Tony. I appreciate any feedback. I don't usually do 2 lifts, and I'm only counting bench and squat here because the others were just accessory lifts. If I had had all the time in the world it would have been ok, I think. But I was in a hurry AND someone was waiting to use the rack. I'll admit that was a lot packed into one day. Something I'm trying to get a way from slightly. However, I had just come off a THREE day rest and the metcon wasn't a killer by any means, that's why I didn't time it.

    I'm pretty much trying not to metcon at all on my strength days.

    Thanks for the advice!

  3. Hope you did the squat first :)