Friday, July 2, 2010

Squat 1RM day!!

I didn't plan on doing my 1RM today but that's how I roll...sometimes just go with your gut...

155 was my old max. In February.

160x1 ...felt pretty easy. So, I decided to keep going...
180x1...felt not so easy...
190..1st try I started to lean forward and my spotter pulled me back a wee bit so I consider that a fail
190x1 SUCCESS!

O course I am happy, happy, happy about this.

Couple of thoughts about this...As much as I love 5/3/1 and clearly it's worked very well...I think I need to try something different. My body seems to be getting good at lifting lower weights for reps but not necessarily getting good at heavier weights. The best way to describe it is this: when I put the 200 on my back my body said, "what the fuck is this????"  Like it needs to get used to the feel of heavier stuff. Agree or not that's my theory.

After that I just did some KB goblet squats with the 45lb


And with that the gym was closing and I called it a day.

Nutrition note:

This day was fueled by

1,893 calories

77, 15, 9

Fat, Protein, Carbs

Holy shit...that's a lot of fat. Wow. Ummm, oh well...not saying this is good or bad. Just saying....

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