Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Metcon only

Day 2 of 5/3/1/ and just a metcon today. I had a workout planned but when I got to the gym I decided to workout with the guys.

A rare occurrence indeed.

3 rounds of
10 pull ups
10 push ups
10 HANG cleans
10 ring dips

Oh fuck me sideways.

Well, well, well....I got my ass handed to me by those hang cleans. I never do those anymore. It's always power cleans. My 1RM power clean is 100 lbs.
I loaded the bar with 75lbs and had to pull 5 lbs off halfway into the second round.

Jesus. It didn't help that I was in an utterly awful mood, but still....

My time was like 12:11 I think. Horrible to be sure.

Whatever, tomorrow is another day, a rest day...
I'm spending the day in Chicago, eating yummy food and enjoying good company :)


  1. Sounds like fun. I'm getting ready to completely overhaul my training program and I'm going to use some of the concepts from the 5/3/1. I just don't like that it leaves out the O-lifts, pretty much my only change I'll make to it. Haven't read the whole book so maybe I got it wrong.

  2. Hey, Chris. Actually I am trading out the bench press for the power clean. I also will be doing O lifting in the metcons. Keep me posted....