Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Back squats, metcon and KB shoulder press

My first mistake was thinking the weight sounded too easy.

Today on 5/3/1 was back squats
115xmax reps. I got 12

Wow, that felt way harder than I thought it would OR should. And my knees were coming in on the last few. 
No good. Damn.

5 thrusters@55lbs
10 burpees
5 rounds+3 thrusters

What?? This was horrible. I mean, *I* was horrible.

I actually was going to do the thrusters with 65lbs but it was suggested I check my ego and focus on form. Eric DeWitt, I love you...

Then I did some 20 lb KB presses. 3 sets, max reps each arm

On a happy note....the 44lb KB arrived!!!!!!!! Wooot!

I gave it a whirl, just to make sure I can swing it...good news, I can.

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