Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hill sprints and pull ups

I decided I had run out of was time to do some hill sprints. And why not? I had 4 hours of sleep, moved all day long and it was windy and 22 degrees.


I found a perfect little (read HUGE) hill that was basically free of snow and ice.
Hill sprintsX10
My rest was the walk down, about 35-45 seconds. This sucked. I'll be doing it weekly.

Then I drove to the gym to do pull ups. Yes, I'm still using a band
3 sets max pull ups
25, 20, 19
 I thought that seemed like an improvement so I checked my notebook. It was, not as good as I initially thought but that's another story.
In December I got 17, 12, 11


Then I did max GH sit ups in 2 min.
Got 52
That does beat my old best by 3

I did crank out another 20 pull ups right before I left... :)

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