Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ashman hybrid day 1

I suck at blogging

Really, I don't know why anyone would follow this.

Now that that's established, let's get down to business.

I've started a program developed by Jay Ashman. I had been doing a basic MEBB program but wasn't too thrilled with it. I felt there was entirely too much time between lifts. I definitely lost some of the strength I had gained while doing CFSB.

I've also decided to give the Anabolic diet a try. Meat, meat, meat, meat.

Yesterday was day 1. Back squats 6X3 and a heavy metcon.

The squats I did at 110, 115, 120, 125, 130 and 135.

Metcon was 3 rounds of
5 (70#) thrusters
10 pull ups
15 burpees


70# is heavy for me on the thrusters. The last one I almost lost behind my head. I am, however, getting much better at burpees. They were all unbroken until the last round at #10 I rested for a few.


  1. You sound, and look, very good my friend... I don't know much about blogging, it's good to see you're going after what you want. Keep up the good work. :) -erik... p.s. not sure about profile below so i'll choose anonymous... lol

  2. Very nice. I'm reading up on the Anabolic diet right now. Hopefully it will lean me up and still be able to gain massive amounts of muscle. :)

    I see you have my link at the top, thank you! ;)


  3. good work. :) And how about just doing the blog to keep progress of how you do rather than for anyone else. :)