Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day 5 DL and thrusters

Ohhhhh, shit...

This was a really hard workout. Proof to the naysayers that you can kill yourself in under 6 minutes....

I was supposed to do a DL based metcon. Originally, I had planned on DL and BJ's. Apparently, that's not the best idea, or so it was kindly suggested to me...

So, because Max from CrossFit Eastbay suggested this little gem to Jay Ashman, I thought I'd give it a try.

12, 9, 6
DL 145#
Thrusters 65#

Time 5:48

I'll gladly mention again, as I did on FB, that I had my first bloody shin from this. I looked down and saw blood dripping down my leg. This brought me a little joy.

I'm sick and need help

Today is a cheat day. My first in...forever. It's also a rest day...AND the sun is out!!??!

Sometimes life is awesome.