Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How to do it when you don't wanna do it.

Ok, what the shit??? I felt tired again today!! I actually overslept this morning(something I NEVER do) and was nodding off at school.

What I really wanted to do was come home, eat and nap.

But I didn't

I ate, fucked around on FB (surprise) ...and this where I interject something...after posting my impending WO on FB my peeps got me all inspired. The suggestion to think how ' good I will feel knowing I gave it my all.' Is just damn perfect...for me.

That, and being told to make that WOD 'my bitch.' hahaha

Seriously, though, this is one of the great things about CF. The community, the support, the camaraderie. Thanks, guys :)

Today was SP 5X3@65, 65, 65, 70, 70
Then SP 12, 9, 6@55

I'll admit to resorting to a PJ on the last few of those. My delts were shot!

Metcon: 5 rounds of
6 HPC@60#
12 Pull ups (assisted)
18 GHD sit ups
Time 12:47

Not a bad metcon. Felt kinda unbalanced though, due to the fact that I really could have gone heavier on the cleans but the pull ups were brutal.

Tomorrow I rest and boy do I need it.

Turkey drumstick 6.9 oz
Chicken thighs 2
Pork roast 5.4 oz
Pork rinds 6 oz (I apparently can't keep these in the house)
Coconut oil 1 Tbl
Almond oil 1 Tbl
Eggs 2
Broccoli 6.3 oz
Apple 2.7 oz
Pineapple 5.9 oz
Peas 259 g.. OMG these were good, don't be a pea hater >:)

Total Cals 2,558 Fat 132.5 Protein 151.4 Carbs 81.8 (56/29/15)