Sunday, September 13, 2009

Max effort deadlift

Max effort week continues...yesterday was deadlifts.

So...I get to the box and realize I didn't eat breakfast. I immediately assume this will hinder my performance. Good thing I posted it on FB. Several people set me straight. I will say, I didn't feel hungry. Anyway..

I did the 5 at 115#
Then 190, 200, 210...tried for 215 3 times and failed. I am still extremely happy with this. My max DL at the start of CFSB was 175#

You will hear no complaining from me about that increase.

I have not done a metcon at all during my ME week. Today is my rest day..I was going to do a BW metcon today but my knee is bothering me and I have FS tomorrow. I don't want to hinder my performance for the squats so I'm just doing pushups today. Something I need to work on, for sure.

I haven't been posting my food lately...I do like using Fitday, but, part of the allure of Paleo over Zone is not having to measure every damn thing. So, I figure I'll track my food every once in a while. Make sure I'm where I want to be. The rest of the time I'll eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm full.

Crazy concept, I know :)

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