Sunday, September 6, 2009

BS, metcon and booze...

Ok yesterday was BS. I got a lot of useful tips from a friend at the gym. Narrow my stance, take my breath before I grab the bar and lower my hips, already!!!

It felt odd at first but I'll just have to get used to it.

I did 3X3@ 185, 190, 195

Then 21, 15, 9@ 135...Whew! Those wiped me out. Right about here is where I realized I did NOT eat enough breakfast. I had grapes with me for PWO. I ate those and 2 large spoonfuls of PB (Paleo be damned.. I had to!!)

Anyway, it did help... and I hit the metcon, pretty hard if I do say so myself..

3 rounds of
5 thrusters@65#
10 pull ups (jumping, on rings)
20 dips (also jumping)

I feel very good about this. Last time I used 55# for the thrusters and my time was 7:38!

I'm not even going to attempt to list my foods from yesterday. I went up to Chicago last night. Not only did I drink a retarded amount of alcohol...I came home and ate every single piece of shitty, sugar loaded, grain based food I could get my hands on. And now, as I write this, I feel like a tired piece of shit. I am reminded why I rarely drink....


  1. Holy Cow . . .

    That's not a lot of space (weight) between your back squats. That is, 185-190-195. Would l0lb jumps be better, i.e, 175-185-195? Or do you hit that "holy crap this is heavy" feeling if you do that?

    And you did a 21-15-9 for backsquats? I looked at the final iteration of what Jeff Martin sent me, and the CFSB article and didn't see that progression in there. And usually the high rep back squats didn't also come on the same day as the heavy squats. Was there a reason? Not picking, just curious.

    It was awesome work, in any event. I'm not sure I could do 135 21-15-9 . . .


  2. Hey Patrick, I appreciate the comment/suggestion..10# is kind of a big jump for me, unless I start lower, of course. I'm so close to my max here I do get that "holy crap" feeling...and the 21-15-9 is part of the CFSB programming. Week 5, straight from the 'Strong Medicine' article in the journal. Anyway, thanks for the comments. I always enjoy hearing from other CFers...

  3. We may give that metcon a try later this week. Deadlifts tomorrow 7x1 and then "Angie"