Saturday, September 5, 2009

Paleo coconut pecan pancakes

I thought I'd post this real quick instead of waiting until tonight....

3 Eggs
2 TBL Unsweetened coconut
1 TBL coconut flour
handful of chopped pecans
1-2 TBL unsweetened applesauce
1/8 tsp baking powder
nutmeg(or any similar spice)dash or so

Mix it all up

Heat about 1-2 TBL coconut oil in a pan, drop about 1/8cup batter per pancake, cook, eat, thank me...

This is a very flexible recipe. Add more flour or coconut if you want or omit the nutmeg, whatever...make it your own :)


  1. May give this a try, I haven't had any pancakes in a long time and Judy likes pancakes. How do they taste? I just need to get the damn coconut oil! Please do not throw stones at me Nikki!

  2. These are sooo yummy, Chris. I mean, they aren't super sweet but then, we are used to that, eh? If you want them more cake like use more coconut flour. And you don't HAVE to use coconut oil, it just goes well with the flavor.