Saturday, September 12, 2009

Max effort week

Yes, I have been slacking....on the blog, not working out. I knew this would likely happen. Which is why I was reluctant to blog in the first place. Oh well.

Yesterday was the first day of my max effort(and last)week of CFSB. I did 5, 3,3, 1,1,1,1...
I did the 5 at 120#
Then 145, 150, 155, 160

160# is a PR for me. It's hard to judge how much I've improved on this. When I started this program I thought I could squat 160. But, I was not getting nearly low enough. So, around week 3 I dropped my weight way down and focused on getting my ass down.

When I did this yesterday my spotter said it seemed easy for me. More like 80% of my max. Hmph! I thought it felt hard! I started leaning forward on the ascent. Argh, I need to work on that!

Mentally, I wasn't really into it and questioned whether I should hold off on doing it at all. But, I knew I'd feel even worse if I didn't do it.

On a side note....I have discovered I heart handstands!! I have seen a lot of improvement in my balance. I got some great tips(thanks, Brian)and have been practicing them religiously.

Today is ME max is 200#. I'd be fuckin' stoked if I got 210. That may be too ambitious, it has come up rather fast. I don't know that I can expect a 10# increase every time I turn would be nice, though :)