Sunday, January 3, 2010


Today was going to be Elizabeth

Which was actually ridiculous and clearly a programming fuck up on my part.

Thursday I did 84 cleans, Friday was power cleans 2,2,1,1,1 and now Elizabeth??

Well, I figured I'd give it a shot. Last time I did it with 65lbs and did jumping ring dips. I was planning on trying the band for dips because jumping was too easy. I hadn't yet decided if I was going to add weight.

Until I walked in and saw a women, an older woman, doing Grace with 85 lbs??!!!

What the shit?

My MAX power clean is 90lbs. So, I did at least tell her I was in awe....and proceeded to load up my pathetic bar with 70 lbs.
All the while wondering. "what the fuck is wrong with me, why is my PC so low??"

So, I start the metcon. It's going good. I like using the band for the dips, way harder.
Anyway, I'm somewhere in the middle of the 15 portion of the cleans when Jay(the owner) says something about my form. I looked at him and he's like, "I don't wanna interrupt your workout..."  well, I just dropped the weight and said fuck the workout. I'd rather get my form fixed.

So...he took me back to square one. He had me do a few at a manageable weight and saw a few problems. Probably the biggest was that I was bending my elbows to soon. Really, just muscling the bar up instead of really exploding my hips open. Of course, one of the other problems was not getting under the fucking bar. He watched me fail once. He's like, "Amy! You have no problem with the weight, the bar was like chest high and you just gave up." "Stop thinking about it so much! It's about 2 seconds of discomfort, that's all. Nothing bad is going to happen. Now put some more chalk on your hands and get angry! You can't lift heavy with a smile on your face!"  Really, one of the best things I got out of this was thinking of it in terms of 'it's not about getting the bar really high, it's about being able to get low enough to catch it.'
Anyway, we worked on it for a while. Him adding the weight for me. On the last rep I failed once. Got a talking to and tried again. In my mind I was fucking determined to nail this. I didn't care if I only lifted it 3 feet off the ground and had to lay down to catch it, I was fucking getting this.

And I did.

I also thought it was 95lbs until he pulled off the weights and showed me I had in fact just nailed 100lbs. Now if you know me at all, you'll know I have been wanting this so bad I could taste it.
Damn if I didn't squeal like a little girl. I wish I had video because I'm sure I was glowing...

You know what is great about a moment like this? It's not about love or money or work or anything like that. It's not something anybody can do for you. I feel lucky that I have something like this in my life. A passion that brings me so much joy. There are no shortcuts, no easy way. Hard fucking work got me here.Nobody can take that from me.


  1. Told you smiling is for homos hah Good fucking work woman!!!

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Fuuuuuck youuuuuu! I'll show you smiling when I get to NY!!! >:)

  3. That is awesome work!! Very proud of you!

  4. That's an awesome story well told! Congrats!

  5. Pat?? I didn't realize you were you (makes sense, I know) hahaha, thanks!!