Friday, August 28, 2009


Hmmmm. I am going to give this blogging a try. I figure I already blog my life on Facebook at least this way I'll have something to look back at, a record of my shit.

I'll be posting about CrossFit, nutrition, hmmmmm, that's really all I talk about. Whatever other random things that come to mind.

A lot of changes are in the wind for me in the coming year. Graduate from school. Move to NY. Open a CF box with my 2 besties :).....and continue my pursuit of becoming one insanely kick ass fit woman!

My WOD for today is:

DL 3X3
then DL 15, 12, 9

Metcon: I'm thinkin' a 2K row. I did it on 8/6 with a gross time of 10:17. It was my first 2k row and I didn't have a clue what a good time would be. In hindsight I should have asked first, I hadn't a clue what a good pace would be.

Well, my 3X3 was 175, 185, 195
I did the 15, 12, 9 at 135

Not too bad considering my max DL is 200#

Ahhh, the row....really sucked. Doing a 2K row after DL is gay. Add to that the fact that I ripped open one of my callouses on the
All of this adds up to a big ball of CF fun...take the miserable and make it worse ;)

Oh, my time......9:36

Nothing close to 'elite fitness' but better than last time. I'll take it.

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