Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Deadlift 5's day and some other sore glute inducing things..

In the 5/3/1 scheme of things today was my Deadlift 5's day.

**182.5x max. I got 7

*We are currently staying at my parents until we move to Austin, TX. We brought with us the bare minimum of training equipment(squat rack, plates, kettlebells, buckets for loaded carries and one bar.) However, we unknowingly grabbed a 35lb bar we use for training clients. And something is seriously wrong with this bar. It's weird and off balance. In addition to that goof up we didn't bring the mates to the 5 and 2.5 lb plates. Sooo...I've been having to occasionally train with an uneven weight. i.e. not the same weight on each side.

  • Whew! Anyway, after that I did straight leg deads 

I really feel those in my lats

Then with a 20lb kettlebell I did lunges 10,9,8,....1
Then(with no weight) jumping squats 10,9,8,....1

Oh boy, that was some combo!


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